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Unschooling is known to follow the non-traditional learning methodology and offers the one stop solution that covers various boards across the globe. We provide personalized and result-oriented platform using ultramodern techniques to make each student excel in every subject and reach their desired career goals.

Unschooling’s C.U.R.E Philosophy

Now achieving your dream score and reaching your desired Ivy League college is just one step closer. Unschooling’s effective and ultimate learning philosophy, C.U.R.E. is the solution that includes interactive online sessions and attentive small class-room batches. We hold a treasure of E-books, videos and supplements for that ultimate academic excellence.

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Is studying at home stressing you out? Unschooling’s small batches of attentive class-room sessions helps each student increase their concentration and helps in guiding them the right career stream and University. It’s calm and peaceful environment helps every student to focus on learning with full enthusiasm!

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Join the best academy for superior quality teaching methodology from the experts. For the ultimate results and personalized classes of small batches, Unschooling is the solution for your every query!

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Teaching Experience

Our interactive & group oriented teaching methodology ensures that 1 hour of study at Unschooling exceeds 4 hours of school learning.

One-on-One Sessions (5>50)

We know the difference between a group & a crowd. Small size of our study group incorporates the benefits of both one to one session & group learning.

Affordable Teaching Experience

We offer the best in class teaching at the most competitive prices. At Unschooling the return on investment is very high both financially & academically.

Guiding Students Globally

Presence over 5 continents makes us a truly global enterprise. We have guided students globally in improving their grades, confidence & ability.

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Over 7 Years of Teaching Experience!

Increase your learning potential with our experienced professionals


Over 10,000 Hours of Teaching

Unschooling believes in quality learning for better concentration

Located in heart of India, Gurgaon.

The ultimate learning academy is in your town. Join us immediately and touch the sky of success with Unschooling.

Our experts are our badges of wisdom

Unschooling is known to provide personalized classes with highly knowledgeable teachers.

What Our Students Say

Naina Sarin

As an IB student, with the constant pressure of deadlines and submissions of IAs, Extended Essays and TOKs, it was really hard to give attention to improving my predicted grades. At UNSCHOOLING, I learnt how to effectively manage my time and excel in both the projects as well as my academics, that not only prepared me for my time in school, but also for my future at the University.

Gunpreet Singh

” Before Unschooling, I used to waste a lot of time going to different tuitions for each subject throughout the week. However, after I found Unschooling, I found one stop solution for all my subjects. I got expert advice & help from highly experienced teachers, that helped me get the top marks. I wish Unschooling All The Best for it’s bright future.”

Saumya Srivastava

” In a class of over 30 people, It’s impossible to understand what the teacher is explaining. At Unschooling, I received Individual attention of my teachers, that made a friendly Student-Teacher Environment. The Online Doubt Clearing Sessions and Systematic Test Plans prepared me, not only for my Board exams, but also for my formatives and summatives throughout the year, and helped me get consistent grades.”





(45/45, IBDP 2019)


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Frequently Asked

Can I get a trial class before enrolling for the course?

Yes, you can attend 1 day trial class before enrolling for the course

Can I attend the online classes after paying the fee for the classroom programme?

No. Online & Classroom classes are two different packages and thus cannot be combined in one.

After having enrolled in a particular course can I upgrade to another course later?

Yes you can upgrade to another course subject to the discretion of the management.

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