Student Testimonials

 what our Students say…

Student Testimonials

 what our Students say…

What Our Students Say

“As an IB student, with the constant pressure of deadlines and submissions of IAs, Extended Essays and TOKs, it was really hard to give attention to improving my predicted grades. At UNSCHOOLING, I learnt how to effectively manage my time and excel in both the projects as well as my academics, that not only prepared me for my time in school, but also for my future at the University”.

Naina Sarin

University of Arts, London

“As an IB student, I know how difficult it can be to transit from attempting direct questions to Application based and analytical ones. At Unschooling, I developed Critical Thinking skills that helped me get consistent good scores, by building on my strengths and working on my weaknesses. At Unschooling, with its CURE philosophy, I was able to get ahead of my peers and achieve excellence.”

Rohil Mansharamani

“I can positively say UNSCHOOLING has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Here, teachers are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive. UNSCHOOLING is the best thing that has happened to me in my schooling days.”

Shrey Joshi

University of Massachusetts

“I attribute my success in exams to the teachers at UNSCHOOLING. They gave us ample individual attention and developed a comfortable and accommodating atmosphere inside the classroom.. Now I feel confident enough to do any work I wish to because of the values of dedication, hard-work and discipline inculcated in us by teaching methodology at UNSCHOOLING.”

Shreshtha Gupta

University Of Toronto

“As I was very active in extracurricular activities I found it hard to fit into one-to-one tuition classes. The online program of UNSCHOOLING greatly helped me catch up with my peers. The online student login portal, helped me by ensuring that I studied and practised as and when required. I was provided with study material that covered all the aspects of the curriculum, and gave structure to my study schedule. Even the online doubt clearing session made all the difference to my preparation. UNSCHOOLING, I believe, is the perfect platform for anyone looking to study through online mode.”

Kekhrie Tshuro

When I first joined MYP, I was scared to attempt my first online examinations especially for Math. Through Unschooling’s online classes, doubt clearing sessions and numerous typing tests, I was able to get used to this transition and excel in my E-Examinations and overcome the barrier of online examinations.”

Shyla Gheek

“I have never liked taking tuitions to catch up on the school pressure, but I still excelled in all my classes, due to Unschooling’s Study Material. The Study Material from Unschooling had everything, from Study Notes to Practice Tests and Revision Assignments that helped me tackle my weaknesses and maintain a healthy schedule for my studies. I credit my success to the people at Unschooling who made my life so much easier with the support study material.”

Karan Madan

“In a class of over 30 people, It’s impossible to understand what the teacher is explaining. At Unschooling, I received Individual attention of my teachers, that made a friendly Student-Teacher Environment. The Online Doubt Clearing Sessions and Systematic Test Plans prepared me, not only for my Board exams, but also for my formatives and summatives throughout the year, and helped me get consistent grades.”

Saumya Srivastava

“Before Unschooling, I used to waste a lot of time going to different tuitions for each subject throughout the week. However, after I found Unschooling, I found one stop solution for all my subjects. I got expert advice & help from highly experienced teachers, that helped me get the top marks. I wish Unschooling All The Best for it’s bright future.”

Gunpreet Singh

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